Website errors corrupt marketing efforts from within

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The shockingly high level of errors on large-company websites points towards immature web governance processes and a general over-reliance on content management systems (CMS) for quality control.

And yet, the levels of automation and sophistication possible in web governance have never been higher…

We recently conducted a survey examining the quality of web content on the websites of large companies. A staggering 87% of the website owners polled admitted there were likely to be a significant number of errors on the websites they manage.

As any web marketer will tell you, this will have a significant knock-on effect. Website errors seriously undermine the user experience, erode trust and confidence, and impact return on marketing spend.  http://tpt.to/a2b8wRB


Seven common web governance mistakes and how to avoid them

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Marketers and communicators are creating more content than ever before and publishing to a greater diversity of platforms and digital channels, and the errors are starting to pile up.

The business value of today’s digital communications is being undermined by out-dated, erroneous, broken and incompatible content. This is damaging the customer experience, causing sinking rankings in web search, and putting revenues at risk.

So how do you avoid these costly website governance pitfalls? Companies need to address their approach to governance in order to embrace today’s challenging multichannel environments while dealing with quality issues effectively.

Below we take a look at the seven most common web governance mistakes, and how you can successfully avoid them.  http://tpt.to/a2b2CJN