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Changing where RDP Windows Open On The Screen

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Have you ever created a saved RDP session and found that it wants to open on the wrong screen or in a half-scrolling window? It’s annoying, right?

After a random opening one in NotePad2, I realized the RDP files were simply text files of properties. Easy enough; however, the values are absolutely painful to read through.


Calorie Calculator – Daily Caloric Needs

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The calorie intake calculator provides an estimate of how many Calories (or kilojoules) are required for both men and women.

The WeighTrainer – Your Maximum Muscular Bodyweight and Measurements

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r a drug-free bodybuilder trying to develop maximum muscle mass, the knowledge of how much muscle can be developed without the use of anabolic drugs would be a very valuable asset. Unfortunately, because of the achievements of drug-using professional, amateur and recreational bodybuilders, many natural lifters either have no idea of their actual potentials, they over-estimate what they can realistically achieve or they adopt a defeatist attitude and set their goals too low. Perspective is needed. The ability to set ambitious, yet realistic, goals is needed. And while there is no doubt that through natural bodybuilding a trainee can develop truly impressive, strong muscles, the chances of a drug-free bodybuilder attaining lean 22″ arms are about the same as him sprouting wings.

Maximum muscular bodyweight and size potential are positively correlated with a person’s height and bone-structure [1-6]. Simply put, naturally large-structured men generally have the potential to develop larger muscles than slightly built men. Reflecting that, there are several formulae in popular use that predict a person’s maximum muscular weight based on these variables (with bone-structure size typically estimated by measuring the circumference of the wrist)…

Breast Cancer and Antiperspirants

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From Ian Keane

Why breast cancer is usually found near the armpit?

Some time ago, I attended a Breast Cancer Awareness seminar and I asked why the most common area for Breast Cancer was near the armpit.

My question could not be answered at that time.

This e-mail was just sent to me, and I find it interesting that my question has been answered.

I challenge you all to rethink your every day use of a product that could ultimately lead to a terminal illness.

As of today, I will change my use.

I showed it to another friend going through chemotherapy & she said she learned this fact in a support group recently..

The leading cause of breast cancer is the use of antiperspirant.



Most of the products out there are an antiperspirant /deodorant combination, so go home and check Deodorant is fine, antiperspirant is not!

Here’s why :- The human body has a few areas that it uses to purge toxins ; behind the knees, behind the ears, groin area, and armpits. The toxins are purged in the form of perspiration.

Antiperspirant, as the name clearly indicates, prevents you from perspiring, thereby inhibiting the body from purging toxins from below the armpits.

These toxins do not just magically disappear. Instead, the body deposits them in the lymph nodes below the arms since it cannot sweat them out.

Nearly all breast cancer tumours occur in the upper outside quadrant of the breast area. This is precisely where the lymph nodes are located.

Additionally, men are less likely (but not completely exempt) to develop breast cancer prompted by antiperspirant usage because most of the antiperspirant product is caught in their hair and is not directly applied to the skin.

Women who apply antiperspirant right after shaving increase the risk further because shaving causes almost imperceptible nicks in the skin which give the chemicals entrance into the body from the armpit area.

PLEASE pass this along to anyone you care about.

Breast cancer is becoming frighteningly common.

This awareness may save lives.

How To Integrate Facebook, Twitter And Google+ In WordPress r/t

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Integrating social media services in your website design is vital if you want to make it easy for readers to share your content. While some users are happy with the social media buttons that come built into their design template, the majority of WordPress users install a plugin to automatically embed sharing links on their pages. Many of you will find that a plugin does exactly what you need; others not so much. Some are poorly coded, and most include services that you just don’t need. And while some great social media plugins are out there, they don’t integrate with every WordPress design.

Ways to Banish Bad Breath

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There’s a slew of things that can cause bad breath from poor dental hygiene to digestive problems and smoking. Fortunately there are ways to stop halitosis in its tracks. According to Gillian McKeith, author of “Food Bible: How to Use Food to Cure What Ails You,” bad breath can be a sign of toxicity and imbalances in the digestive tract. To help with that, McKeith recommends eating raw foods and drinking juice.

Find your startup’s voice: Why I hired a journalist to run my company blog

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As a CEO of a startup, my online voice – a blog called Greg’s Corner — is the place where I share my company news, try to differentiate myself from competitors, and showcase the value I’m offering. But until about a year ago, my online voice wasn’t saying much.

I knew what I wanted to say in these posts but I struggled to find the right words to express my thoughts. I knew my blog needed an objective — a common thread between my posts that would drive home the bigger message. But finding the right chemistry between that objective, the words on the screen, and the tone and attitude that would define my voice was no easy task. Increasingly, it took more time and effort than my schedule allowed.

So I hired a journalist.