Cloud Computing is Changing Many Job Descriptions – Forbes

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For senior-level executives, especially chief information officers, the changes reflect the more strategic role IT plays in the direction of businesses. For the business, it introduces more reliable and predictable supporting technology.

“For a long period of time, IT was in that Wild West mode,” Greg Shields, partner and principal technologist with Concentrated Technology, recently told Jason Helmick of Interface Technical Training. “We were making up the rules as we go.” But companies and their IT leaders recognize that the best and most cost-effective solutions are those that may have been built and tested elsewhere. “You don’t grow your own food. You don’t raise your own cows anymore for meat. You go to the grocery store because somebody’s figured out that I can create this experience that is the grocery store, and I can do it at a lower cost, both in time and in dollar cost.


5 cool apps for Android that you need to check out

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The list of Android apps available on the marketplace is growing every day and currently counts over ten thousand apps. Android phones and tablets are being released and sold like fresh bread, and the number of users is getting bigger and bigger every day. Here are just a few very neat and interesting Android applications that you should really check out.

4 Little-Known And Portable Browsers That Should Be On Your USB Drive

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Your browser is the centerpiece to your internet experience and keeping it nice and portable is an awesome luxury. While does a great job of bundling our most popular software together into portable, auto-launching applications, I tend to avoid the packages because I often install my portable applications within Dropbox. A lot of portable applications, typically designed for USB drives, don’t mesh well with Dropbox. I’ve found some that do, though.

You may not have heard of a couple of these browsers, but each and every one brings a unique benefit to your portable arsenal. Don’t let the fact that you may not have heard of them stand in the way of finding your new favorite browser.

Dropbox Automator Service Launched

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The new Dropbox Automator service created by Wappwolf, will automatically allow you to carry out tasks when you upload files to Dropbox box. Such as : every time you put a Word-doc in your automated Dropbox folder, it gets converted to PDF, digitally signed and sent via e-mail! Or everytime you put a PDF in to your automated Dropbox folder, it gets sent as a real letter automatically. Or everytime someone puts a file in your shared Dropbox folder, you will receive a text message on your mobile automatically.

Six Reasons OS X is Better Than Windows ~ LockerGnome

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As we investigate the current state of matters between Windows and OS X, people tend to mention the same two or three differences that stand out more than others. Gamers claim that OS X is terrible for gameplay; programmers might say that Windows offers a more open-ended environment for developers, and just everyone can agree that the price of entry to the platform is less for a Windows-based PC.

Did you know that OS X actually has quite a few advantages over Windows? Depending on what you plan on doing with your computer, you might find that your job can be done easier on the Apple platform. In addition to some pretty impressive proprietary software, each Mac comes complete with a variety of programs that are easily comparable to very expensive software equivalents on the Windows platform.

Here are six reasons why OS X is better than windows.

How To Use Profiles In Google Chrome

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Google have just released the stable version of Google Chrome 16 from ‘Chrome Books’, those always online Google syncing laptops. Remember them? Neither do I. One great new feature of the latest version of Chrome is ‘profiles’ – the option to sign into multiple Google accounts (taking benefit of the nifty Chrome sync feature). These profiles can then be switched between with just the click of a button. This is especially useful if you have multiple GMail accounts and you don’t want to logout and back in again or switch browser. If you want to try this and don’t have a Chrome Book, don’t fret: the Beta Channel of Google Chrome is currently running version 16 too.

Your PC Matters – YOU’VE GOT GMAIL! How To Master The New Gmail With Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts

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The new Gmail is not all about looks. Check out how it can help you improve your email and task management effeciency.

In the past few months, Google has been undergoing major developments, particularly in the areas of social media — with the launch of Google+ and Google+ pages for business. These business development moves by Google also furbished-up some make overs in Gmail — Google’s email platform. They stealthily revealed the changes in Gmail with an unobtrusive simple text that says “Switch to the new look” — a link appearing in the bottom-right corner of Gmail.