Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC)

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FADEC is a system consisting of a digital computer and ancillary components that control an aircraft’s engine and propeller. First used in turbine-powered aircraft, and referred to as full authority digital electronic control, these sophisticated control systems are increasingly being used in piston powered aircraft.



How Airplanes Work

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Human flight has become a tired fact of modern life. At any given moment, roughly 5,000 airplanes crisscross the skies above the United States alone, amounting to an estimated 64 million commercial and private takeoffs every year [source: NATCA]. Consider the rest of the world’s flight activity, and the grand total is incalculable.

It is easy to take the physics of flight for granted, as well as the ways in which we exploit them to achieve flight. We often glimpse a plane in the sky with no greater understanding of the principles involved than a caveman.

How do these heavy machines take to the air? To answer that question, we have to enter the world of fluid mechanics. http://tpt.to/a2d5GDl

What’s New in X-Plane 10 – X-Plane Wiki

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If you love flight simulator flying as much as I do then check out the new X-Plane 10. The following pages gives you a long list of innovative features that sets it apart from Microsoft FSX and other simulators on the market today. http://wiki.x-plane.com/What%27s_New_in_X-Plane_10