Find your startup’s voice: Why I hired a journalist to run my company blog

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As a CEO of a startup, my online voice – a blog called Greg’s Corner — is the place where I share my company news, try to differentiate myself from competitors, and showcase the value I’m offering. But until about a year ago, my online voice wasn’t saying much.

I knew what I wanted to say in these posts but I struggled to find the right words to express my thoughts. I knew my blog needed an objective — a common thread between my posts that would drive home the bigger message. But finding the right chemistry between that objective, the words on the screen, and the tone and attitude that would define my voice was no easy task. Increasingly, it took more time and effort than my schedule allowed.

So I hired a journalist. http://tpt.to/a2h7gVK


Cloud Computing is Changing Many Job Descriptions – Forbes

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For senior-level executives, especially chief information officers, the changes reflect the more strategic role IT plays in the direction of businesses. For the business, it introduces more reliable and predictable supporting technology.

“For a long period of time, IT was in that Wild West mode,” Greg Shields, partner and principal technologist with Concentrated Technology, recently told Jason Helmick of Interface Technical Training. “We were making up the rules as we go.” But companies and their IT leaders recognize that the best and most cost-effective solutions are those that may have been built and tested elsewhere. “You don’t grow your own food. You don’t raise your own cows anymore for meat. You go to the grocery store because somebody’s figured out that I can create this experience that is the grocery store, and I can do it at a lower cost, both in time and in dollar cost. http://tpt.to/a2dQ1Jj

Meetings a Waste of Time? 6 Ways to Fix Them | Inc.com

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Meetings are energy and time vampires. Sales people estimate they spend up to 40 percent of their time in internal meetings. Internal meetings! That means they are not prospecting, networking, presenting, writing proposals, closing or serving customers.

Of course internal meetings are necessary–but just how necessary? If you want to drive up productivity in your business, follow these simple guidelines when you have your internal meetings: http://www.inc.com/tom-searcy/6-tricks-how-to-fix-your-meetings.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+inc/headlines+(Inc.com+Headlines)

What’s The Best Way To Introduce Yourself To An Angel Investor?

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Raising from angels has historically been much different than raising from VCs. Angels have tended to be as inexperienced in early stage tech investing as the entrepreneur who’s raising the money. In recent years, there has been a resurgence of institutionalized angel groups that are very experienced in VC fundraising or VC investing. That has made angel fundraising pretty close in complexity to raising from a VC. So let’s lay out what you need to prepare before you approach any kind of angel investor. http://tpt.to/a2fdlvK

Powerful people think they’re taller than they really are

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In three experiments, we tested the prediction that individuals’ experience of power influences their perceptions of their own height. High power, relative to low power, was associated with smaller estimates of a pole’s height relative to the self (Experiment 1), with larger estimates of one’s own height (Experiment 2), and with choice of a taller avatar to represent the self in a second-life game (Experiment 3). http://tpt.to/a2fhWPr

Humility key to effective leadership

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“Leaders of all ranks view admitting mistakes, spotlighting follower strengths and modeling teachability as being at the core of humble leadership,” says Bradley Owens, assistant professor of organization and human resources at the University at Buffalo School of Management. “And they view these three behaviors as being powerful predictors of their own as well as the organization’s growth. http://tpt.to/a2cgH7b

6 Ways to Conquer the Fear of Rejection

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Early in my career, when I was struggling to start my company, I made a list of all the accounts I wanted to sell. Some, I admit, were far out of my reach, and to my dismay, they wasted no time in telling me so.

If you’re in the entrepreneurship game you better get used to hearing the word “no.” If starting a business was easy, everyone would want in. (Too many already do! ) Rejection helps knock out the weak. In my case, those early rejections forced me to really listen to my potential customers and find out what I needed to do to change “no, thanks” to “where do I sign?”

You can’t escape rejection, I learned. But you can let it go. Here are some exercises that paid big dividends for me: http://tpt.to/a2d3Shr