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One of the main complaints about the iPad 2 has been its camera, one of the only components of the iPad that falls behind its competitors. Now, photos leaked from a Chinese blog called Apple Daily indicate that this could change with the next iPad.

Photos on the Chinese-language Web site show the new iPad with the same 8MP camera sensor as the one currently in the iPhone 4S, indicating there will be a big boost in camera quality when the tablet is unveiled. Ars Technica also notesthat the pictures show a camera opening that looks similar to the one on the latest iPhone. A high-quality sensor would likely add to the price of the iPad.


5 Ways Smartphones Are Better than Laptops or Tablets

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Computerized sleeves may soon allow manufacturing bosses to monitor and record workers’ moves and mine them for efficiency data.

The sleeves are just prototypes for now, but the devices are intended to replace stopwatch-wielding time lords hovering around employees to assess their efficiency.

Motion-capture systems (such as those used to animate computer-generated movie characters) might allow Big Brother monitoring on par with the sleeves, but such systems require special computing, expensive video cameras and other impractical elements. So a pair of wearable, breathable electronic sleeves may become the ultimate micromanaging tool.

“The present stopwatch method only allows a process organizer to time five individuals simultaneously, depending on the situation,” said research manager Martin Woitag of the Fraunhofer Institute in a press release. “Our solution makes it possible to record time simultaneously, even at several workplaces, without requiring additional labor.”

No Such Thing as Official Siri for Android App

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Due to the strict competition between Android and iOS, Apple has no plans of coming up with a Siri app to other platforms. Siri is a voice-activated virtual assistant that was recently introduced along the launch of the new iPhone 4S. Because of its features, many Android users have been hoping that Siri will also be making an entry for them. As a result, Android developers have come up with their own Siri-like apps. Google has even been reported to come up with Majel, an app believed to be a strong opponent of Siri.

Apple working on wearable technology prototypes – T3

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Having led the way in a number of sectors already Apple looks set to pioneer a new industry with the Cupertino based tech giant working on wearable technology devices, new reports have revealed.

The new reports, which come via the New York Time’s Nick Bilton, the man largely responsible for the Apple iTV rumours, suggest Apple is currently working on a variety of wearable tech from wrist mounted iPods to smartphone syncing information displays.

Citing “a person with knowledge of the company’s plans,” the New York Times has claimed “a very small group of Apple employees have been conceptualising and even prototyping some wearable devices.”

How Much Can Asus, HP, And Others Rip Off Apple’s Designs?

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Apple’s competitors are mimicking the company’s designs on everything from tablets to laptops. There’s short-term benefit here for consumers looking for inexpensive Apple alternatives this holiday season. But more significantly, it demonstrates how much Steve Jobs’s legacy has impacted device makers–and how lost they’d likely be without Jobs’s vision.

How explicitly can companies rip off Apple’s designs?

5 Timekeeping Apps for Your Small Business

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Time is money, especially for small businesses on the hustle. It’s important not just to properly manage time but also to accurately log actions and keep employees (and yourself) accountable.

What better way to do just that than going digital with an app developed solely for timekeeping? These five apps will help you and your business keep track of time, start and stop timers on individual tasks and make sure your whole team is as efficient as possible.

Take a look at some of our picks for a variety of platforms and mobile devices and let us know how you keep track of your time.

It’s Tablet Time: Which one’s right for you?

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The Apple iPad still holds an impressive lead in the tablet computer market, but it’s not the only game in town. With dozens of tablet models to choose from, how do you begin to find the one that’s right for you? Take our quiz and see what you know!